Teen Wolf 3x06 - "Motel California"

I hope I’m not the only one who ships Derek with the teacher

Seriously she’s barefoot everywhere

Kali needs to take a quick trip to the nail salon and get herself a pedicure because those toenails are just disgusting! 

Teen Wolf 03x05 - "Frayed"

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My favorite scene of today’s episode can’t stop laughing 

Seriously, Derek and that teacher Jennifer OMG!!

Teen Wolf S03E04 "Unleashed"

Watch today’s episode online if you missed out =D



but derek and that teacher oh my gahh!! 

I have a theory that she is going to be a new love interest and that she and derek are going to get together…..at least, i’d like that. I saw potential.

that’s exactly what i was thinking too! 

but derek and that teacher oh my gahh!!