Teen Wolf wins Best Ensemble Cast at the Young Hollywood Awards!

Congrats to the best, most deserving and hardworking cast in the business.


This picture breaks hearts. Is your heart broken yet? Teen Wolf Teaser is here! Photo cred goes to our amazing AD, follow him on twitter @JZtheFilmmaker.


The wolves are back in town.

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Check out our Teen Wolf panel from NYCC! Jeff and Tyler (can we talk about how awesome Tyler Posey is for a second?) talk everything from Colton to Sterek and then launch straight into Season 3 spoilers…what do you think?

The Cast of ‘Teen Wolf’ on What We Can Expect from Season 3

Happy Birthday!


We’re looking for two twin male actors for roles in Season 3 - and we’re taking this casting call to the streets!! Click on the picture above or go to teenwolftwins.com and you (or someone you know) could BE ON TEEN WOLF. 

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Help us out!

Reason to watch Teen Wolf: Hot Guys

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Teen Wolf is now 2 million fans strong on facebook and we couldn’t be happier. 

Take your reward, you deserve it.


There’s more where this came from, if you get us to 2 million on facebook.